Becoming a mother is a beautiful thing. But it is also life changing. Identities are lost, friends seem far away, a whole new world can be both terrifying and tremendous.

Making "mum friends" is a tough gig. An important one, but a tough one. Classes can be daunting and cliquey and intimidating. Thats why we walk. Walking and talking is an easy, low pressure way of chatting it out. With babies safely tucked away in buggies or slings, out attention can be on ourselves. Because we are still us.

Walking and fresh air has proven benefits for improving mental health. An issue so many mums are battling with, some privately and some openly.

Mama's Army is more than an exercise class. Its more than a buggy walk. It's creating a community of mums, i's making friendships, it's sharing our stories of highs and lows. We are our village, because it takes a village xx

Why We Walk

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