Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mama's Army?

Mama's Army is the perfect mix of the two great passions of its founder; Exercise and healthy living, and a good mums community and support network. 
All too often as mums we look after everyone else but ourselves. Mama's Army uses exercise to promote and focus on the health and wellbeing of mums. 
Weekly walks, exercise classes and a running programme mean there is something for everyone, no matter what our starting level of fitness. And our gorgeous jumpers help you look and feel great!

When can I start?

We can't wait to have you join us, but we do require that you are at least 6 weeks post partum (10 following a c section) and that you have had the all clear from your doctor before you start exercising again post baby. 

Pregnant mamas - just let us know so we make sure everything is done safely! 

What do I need?

For the walks; appropriate clothing. We won't be put off by rain or bad weather, so if its cold and wet, throw on a coat and some boots and please remember to make sure little ones are wrapped up well. 

For the classes; Normal gym wear is perfect. Mamas Army gym tops are available. 

For the run; As we're running in the evening, through the darker months high vis is recommended