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Baby Friendly Exercise Classes

An 8 week block of exercise classes, using HIIT and pilates. Designed specifically for postnatal ladies

Buggy Walk

Weekly walk with or without your little ones. A great way to meet other mums whilst getting some fresh air 

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Mama's Army - Dedicated to the health and wellbeing of mums 

Mums often forget to spend time on themselves. Mama's Army is helping to redress that balance and uses exercise to help you mamas feel great while including your babies at the same time!

Mama's Army was founded by a mum who realised first hand how difficult it was to fit exercise into a new mums life.  Realising the enormous impact on both mental and physical health that lack of exercise can have, Mama's Army was born. More than just an exercise class Mama's Army is a community.

The heart and soul of Mama's `Army is the Weekly Buggy Walk.  Free of charge, each week come rain or shine we walk. Fresh air, a leisurely pace, and a chance to meet and chat to other mums, it is the highlight of the week for many of our members.


Our weekly Baby Friendly Exercise Classes offer a safe and stimulating environment for the little ones, whilst you get to workout in an effective and efficient class. Classes are run in blocks of 8 weeks.  Suitable for all levels of fitness, its all about getting moving, having fun and building fitness. 

 Let us help you be the fittest, healthiest, happiest mama possible. 

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